EPFO Login – UAN Login – EPFO Claim Status – Login to EPFO Member Login Portal or EPF Login:

EPFO member login is the best choice for employees who hold a provident fund, and they want to login to their epfo member portal. After registering epfo member login portal, you can visit epfo office from their official address.  EPF (Employees Provident Fund) is a spectacular investment for the working people.

The companies employed with more than 20 employees have to register under the Employees Provident Fund Organization. A particular portion of the salary of an employee is deducted and deposited in the EPF account. It also adds the employer’s contribution too.

EPFO Login - EPFO Claim Status

EPFO Login – EPFO Claim Status

EPFO Login: UAN Login Learn to Login to EPFO Member Login Portal or EPF Login

EPFO, India doesn’t only administer the EPF accounts but even has provided the employees with the EPFO login which offers some facilities. To avail the services, the members have to register themselves using the EPF member login. In this article, we will learn to log in to EPFO member portal or EPF login.

It is imperative to know the EPF member login to know about the accumulation in the EPF account. EPFO has introduced online facility for transferring the EPF account which helps the employees in carrying forward with the same account. They even provide some offline facilities as well.

EPF Login at EPFO Member Portal – UAN Login

All the employees who hold a PF account can register and log in to EPFO member portal. After registering, you can log in to experience some facilities. You don’t need any password or User ID and can register using the document number or mobile number.

The employees can use the Passport number or PAN card, Voter ID card or Aadhaar card to log in to the portal. For registering and log in, you must go through the EPFO portal (http://members.epfoservices.in/).

For one member registration, you can use one mobile number. One registered member can view 10 EPF accounts with different companies. If you want to transfer the EPF account online from one company to another, then visit http://memberclaims.epfoservices.in/.

UAN Member Portal Login – UAN Login

Each member allotted with a unique UAN. It is a unique number which remains valid for a lifetime. By activating this number, the members can avail some facilities. You just need to navigate to http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/uan_reg_form.php and select the option, Activate your UAN. Enter the required details and submit. You can check UAN login & Check PF Status here.

UAN Services at EPFO Member Login Portal

There are some useful facilities provided by EPFO and UAN member portal which includes:

  • Download Passbook to know monthly contributions
  • Download UAN card
  • Enter and update KYC details
  • List of all the member IDs
  • Online transfer of account
  • Update personal data like address

Using the EPFO portal online, you can check the PF balance account as well as track the claim status online. We have managed to provide you all with the relevant and useful information about EPFO which is one of the best investment schemes available for the working people.

For more updates, keep visiting. As well you can Open NPS account online using Aadhaar Card / Pan Card at www.npscra.nsdl.co.in.

EPFO Claim Status- PF Claim Status Inquiry and Update Online

We should thank the government of India for making the whole process far simpler than it was earlier to claim EPFO. Earlier withdrawing PF was a tedious task. YES! Now, for checking the EPFO claim status online, you just need to go with few clicks and details.

The online PF claim status is one of the best facilities provided to people for tracking the status of PF withdrawal application. It is an easy way because now you don’t have to visit the EPFO offices for checking the PF claim status.

Here in this article, we will talk about the entire method of checking the PF claim status inquiry online or update online at the EPFO official portal. With the advanced technology, EPFO is also trying to keep up well with the latest technology.

It does provide people with some facilities both online and offline to employers as well as to the employees. You just need to have your PF account number to track the PF Balance Status.

Many of us change our jobs and claim to withdraw the EPFO amount which has save for us. And now, after claiming the number, we need not spend time by checking the claim status at the EPFO office as we can check easily online. With just a few clicks we can get our queries about the PF claim status inquiry resolved.

What can you do with EPFO Claim Status Facility?

Follow the steps we have mentioned below and got all the benefits:

  • View the EPFO claim status and avoid the EPFO office hassles
  • Check the PF balance
  • Updated status of EPF claims along with the actions at EPFO office

Now, you can go through the simple process to check the PF claim status online. You can drop your comments below if you have any queries about the same.

How to Check EPFO Claim Status Online?

For accessing the official KYCS, you need to visit the EPFO site (http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/KYCS.php). Now, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Click on the link mentioned above and click on ‘Click here for knowing your claim status.’
  • Select the state and click on ‘Search for Establishment Code’
  • You can select the ‘Establishment Under Office’ if you know the region of your EPFO office.
  • You will get the 7-digit member ID which is the Establishment code followed by 3-character extension code.
  • Leave the extension code field empty if you do not receive the 3-character code.
  • Fill the office code, region code as well as the Establishment code and Establishment code extension.
  • Enter the PF account number
  • Click on Submit

Following the procedure mentioned above can help you in getting your PF claim status online. As well you can pay EPF Online Payment at their website. All the status messages which will apply to your EPFO claim will display on the screen.

You can even download the form online if you cannot check the EFPO claim status online. You must fill all the details in the form and submit the same to the EPF office. Companies employing more than 20 employees have to deduct the EPF from the salary of those employees who are earning less than 6500 basic wages per month.

Since our PM Narendra Modi has been launching latest schemes and benefits to Indian citizens, more and more services are provide. With so many other beneficial schemes, EPFO i.e. Employees Provident Fund Organization of India which manages EPF i.e. Employees’ Provident Fund, has been introduced.

For those, who are not aware what is EPF – simply those who are and who have been government employees, after their retirement, their pensions, and other financial aspects are managed by EPFO.

To get benefits from the EPFO, one needs to have an account into EPFO and should have UAN. With all these details employees/ retired employees can check their balance through epfo login portal.

All these terms along with steps for EPFO Member Login briefly mentioned below:

First of all, what is UAN?
Well, UAN is simply standing for Universal Account Number. The EPFO is allotting the UAN to its account holder. Just within this single Universal Number, multiple benefits and accounts can be handled and managed well with proper guidance.

What is UAN Log in?
With UAN Login/ epfo login, one can manage many benefits such as PF Transfer, EPF Balance, Update EKYC and check transactions, get monthly alerts and much more. To get all these things at your fingertips, UAN helps you with it.

To get UAN Number:
One need to contact his/ her employer to get these details, or you can get it through your PF account number.

Now, here are more specific details regarding Login into the EPFO Member Login:

EPFO Member Login Steps Wise Description:

  • Firstly, Go to the MEMBER e-SEWA Portal as because it is the official EPFO Member Login portal.
  • The official portal is epfindia.com
  • Now, if you do already have activated your UAN, then just enter your UAN Number along with the password.
  • Password generated while enabling the UAN for the first time.
  • In case, you haven’t yet activated it; you can go to the given links at the same page and generate your password.
  • Once you get your UAN password, you can do everything with it. Starting with checking EPF Balance Online, Online Passbook, Making a withdrawal, Checking your claim status, etc. would be real easy.

Since we hear all about Digital India and much more, schemes such as EPFO and much more have been going on around us all. All those who are anyhow related to any of such schemes need to get benefits of such schemes. Amongst all these schemes, EPFO is right of every government employee to secure their future.

As we all know, every month a specific sum of money is being deducted and being saved to our PF account. And one can get to know the total amount of the account whenever one wants to know. When retirement time comes, it is very useful to have such kind of money saved when you could save.

EPFO is a long term as well as the dedicated scheme which turns out to be most helpful to reach all your retirement goals. Also if we don’t think of retirement, then such saved money can also be life-saving in case of any emergencies, etc. And on top of everything, all these have nowadays become easy. So anyone can get to know and open such account by themselves.

How to Register for EPFO:

To register yourself into EPFO, there are few steps to be done as mentioned below.

  • Go to the epfo.services.In OR epfoindia.com and then search for the link EMPLOYEE LOGIN.
  • Here, you need to enter your Identity Proof details which include PAN or AADHAR, etc.

How to Check EPFO Balance:

To check your balance, here are steps:

  • Go to the epfindia.com and at the end of the page, search for the link KNOW YOUR EPF BALANCE.
  • Click on that link, and you will ask for your UAN Number.
  • Enter valid login details, and then you need to choose your state in which your EPF account managed.
  • Once you complete selecting State and City, a new web page will open.
  • Now, you have to enter your Account Number, Name, Mobile Number, etc. details.
  • Normally the format of the EPF Account Number is something like this:
  • Above number stands for specific values. The first two digits are for the region and after that alphabet stand for the code of the particular PF Office.
  • Now, after you enter all the required details, click on the submit button and wait for the SMS into your registered mobile number.
  • It will contain necessary details regarding your EPF account as well as EPF balance.

At last, if there is anything you need to ask about, then there’s a toll-free help line i.e. 1800 118 005. You can call on this number and ask for help regarding EPF/ UAN and so on.

Epfo login portal and epfo member login are entirely confidential details for any employee. That’s why one needs to keep all such details safe and secure. Because if you lose any such details, it would be somehow tough to recover credentials and it might be the danger to your account balance. So, it is wise choice to keep your account number and password to yourself, or just shared with your closed family member(s).

You can check out more articles about EPFO regulations and procedures.